10 places in india every foodie must visit , guest post by Rohit

Heyyaaa guys,

food is your best friend, then you would know that it is not enough
to try out all the restaurants and eateries in one’s own city or
town. Every foodie must
the cuisines of different places and cultures. India
is a land of diversity and every state offers a varied and distinct
cuisine of its own. Out of the many places, the ten destinations
listed here should be on every foodie’s bucket list.

  1. Hyderabad

    by Dheerajk88, CC
    BY-SA 4.0
can almost smell the aroma of that delectable biryani (a rice
preparation of South Asia), the moment they think of Hyderabad.
Hyderabadi Biryani is an experience in itself. The Basmati rice (a
type of aromatic rice), the spices, fried onions, the meat, saffron,
and a score of other things make this dish unforgettable. The city
not only offers biryani to satiate your taste buds, but also offers
Haleem (a type of stew), a range of Kebabs (grilled meat), Hyderabadi
Baingan (Egg Plant), Double ka Meetha (dessert made of bread
pudding), Khubani ka Meetha (dessert made of dried apricots), and the
list continues. There are several famous eateries that one can try
out when in this city, such as Paradise, Bawarchi, Shadab Hotel, Shah
Ghouse, Café Bahar, Al Zaara Matbaq Al Mandi, etc. So, do not forget
to plan a trip to the City of Pearls and dig into its cuisine.
  1. Delhi

    Bhature, Photo
    by Satish Krishnamurthy, CC
    BY 2.0
you love food more than most other things in life, then Delhi should
be your next stop. Piping hot, stuffed Paranthas (flatbread of Indian
subcontinent), mouth-watering Chaats (spicy snack), Kebabs, Rolls (an
Indian street food usually made of egg or meat wrapped in an Indian
flatbread), Butter Chicken, Nihari (a type of stew), Golgappes
(Indian street food), and innumerable other dishes lure every foodie
to this city. The street food of the capital
is something no foodie can afford to miss.
  1. Mumbai

    Pav, Photo
    by Deepeshmd, CC
    BY 3.0
can your gastronomic trip be complete without a visit to India’s
City of Dreams? The famous street food: Chaats, Vada Pav (an Indian
street snack), Paav Bhaji (Indian fast food), etc., the delicious sea
food, tasty Modaks (sweet dumplings) among other food items, make
Mumbai an ideal getaway for food enthusiasts.
  1. Lucknow

    by Kaveh, CC
    BY 2.0
Kebabs, Biryani, kormas (a type of curry), Kulchas (leavened bread),
and such delicacies pull you like magnet? If yes, then the City
of Nawabs
, Lucknow, is the perfect place for you. A blend of
North-Indian, Middle Eastern, and Central Asian influences has shaped
the Awadhi cuisine (the cuisine of Lucknow is called Awadhi cuisine).
The Biryani, Tehri (a vegetarian rice preparation), varied kinds of
Kebabs (Tunday Kebab, Seekh Kebab), Kormas, the Pulao (a type of rice
dish), desserts, are all delicious to the core. Tunday Kababi and
Aadab-E-Dastarkhwan are two of the many popular eateries in Lucknow
to appease your appetite.
  1. Kolkata

    Puri, Photo
    by Biswarup Ganguly, CC
    BY 3.0
be a foodie and never to have set foot in the land of food-lovers is
a crime. The City of Joy is well-known for its love for everything
food. The streets of Kolkata are filled with rolls of every kind (Egg
rolls, Chicken rolls, Egg-chicken rolls), Phuchkas (Indian street
snack), Cutlets (Indian snack made up of stuffing fried with a thick
batter), and what not! The quintessential Bengali cuisine comprises
of dishes made out of fishes, meat, rice, and other components. One
can find good Tibetan and Chinese dishes as well in Kolkata. Phuchkas
at Vivekananda Park, Hot Kathi Roll at Park Street for rolls, Chinese
breakfast at Tiretta Bazaar, are few of the countless number of
eateries to be found in the city. This city is a pure joy for
  1. Goa

    and King Prawns, Photo
    by Extempore, CC
    BY-ND 2.0
could be better than relishing a scrumptious seafood preparation
while enjoying a beach holiday? Goa provides just that and more. The
Goan cuisine is a result of its Hindu origins, the Muslim rule and
the Portuguese rule. Goan Prawn Curry is one of the most popular
dishes in the state. One can find an assortment of Hindu and Catholic
dishes to choose from when in Goa.
  1. Punjab

    Masala, Photo
    by Gail, CC BY
place is every food-lovers delight. Amritsari Kulchas (leavened
flatbread of Amritsar,
a city in Punjab), Panjiri (a type of dessert), Sarson da saag
(vegetable dish), Paranthas, Dal Makhani (an Indian dish with
lentils, red kidney beans, butter and cream), and so on, make the
Punjabi cuisine lip-smacking. Tandoor (a type of oven) items and
Lassi (an Indian drink that is yogurt-based) are a must try in
Punjab. Don’t forget to sit for a langar (common kitchen or canteen
in the religious place (Gurdwara) of the Sikhs, where food is served
to all) to taste some authentic Punjabi vegetarian food.
  1. Gujarat

    by Dhananjai11, CC
    BY-SA 4.0
food haven for the vegetarians. The Gujarati Thali (platter of an
Indian tyle), Dhoklas (vegetarian food item), Chakri (Indian snack),
Khakhra (a type of cracker) are few of the things to savour when in
Gujarat. You will be spoilt for choice on what to order, as there are
a number of Shaaks (vegetable dishes), Farsan (snacks and side
dishes), and Sweets in the Gujarati cuisine.
  1. Jaipur

    Kachori, Photo
    by Sonal, CC
    BY 2.0
cuisine is unique and your culinary experience
would be incomplete without trying it out. The sweet dishes and
curries are the specialities. Spice Court, Natraj, Rawat Mishtan
Bhandar are few of the restaurants reputed for serving authentic
Rajasthani food.
  1. Shillong

    by rocksee, CC
    BY-SA 2.0

beautiful place is the home to cuisines that cannot be excluded from
any foodie’s list. The local flavours make the dishes worth every
dime. Momos, Tungtab (chutney made out of dried fish) and Tarumbai
(fermented beans) are few of Shillong’s sought-after dishes. Café
Shillong, Trattoria and Jadoh are some of the popular restaurants.

so many places offering such a wide variety of appetizing cuisines,
it is time to pack your bags and be at your next food destination. 


About the author of this post:

loves to eat as much he loves to travel. He believes that one should
relish the local cuisine of a place to understand its true flavours.
You can read more about his stories at TransIndiaTravels.com.

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