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Veg cutlet or vegetable patties recipe with step by step photos - mix vegetable cutlet is one my favorite snack recipe . This recipe is made from boiled vegetables and monsoon is the season to enjoy thisrecipe. But for me, There is no specific season or time to eat cutlets😁. cutlets or veg patties usually serve with tomato catch-up and green chutney.I sometimes love to have this with tea also.

Lemon Coriander soup recipe with step by step photos :- lemon and coriander soup is very delicious and refreshing soup recipe. AS the name suggest, It has a very FRESH flavor of lemon which complements the aroma of fresh chopped coriander.
The soup is original belongs to thai cuisine. This soup comes under clear  soup category with floating vegetables.Non-vegetarians can add chicken in this soup as well.

vegetable stock recipe with step by step photos:- vegetable stock is the main ingredient in most of the soup recipes.before moving furthr, i wanted to let you know that stock (in non-financial) is a liquid with extract flavours of vegetables ,meat,seafood,bones. Stock is basically use as a base to prepare curry , soups, risottos etc. stock add that unique flavor to the dish.It works like a magical secret ingredient.

Kashmiri dal tadka recipe with step by step photos :- Kashmiri dal tadka is another version of classic indian dal recipe. This delicious dal kashmiri has very aromatic and unique flavors. Very unique combination of garlic and coriander powder is the key of this kashmiri style of dal.

South indian mixed vegetable sambar recipe with step by step photos - Sambar is very important part of south indian meal .Sambar is nothing but a hot and spicy lentil soup with mixed vegetables.It is a accompaniment for signature south indian recipes like idli and dosa,medu vada and rice. sambar is known as "Sambaru " in karnataka , "kuzhambu" in Tamilnadu and "sambar" in rest of the indian region.