Theratipal or Thabdi is Milk Cake made from fresh homemade khoya or mawa. Theratipal as it is known in Tamil cuisine, where the word Therati means to stir constantly  and Pal, means milk. So traditionally this sweet dish was cooked by constantly stirring the milk and sugar over heat, until it caramelizes. This same dish is only different in color and shape but cooked the same way, in Gujarat too, where it is known as Thabdi. This happens to be my number 1 sweet from Rajkot, and I immensely cherish this simple milk cake flavor. People often call this as milk cake, as I discovered on researching about it on Google.

homemade khoya or mava recipe with step by step photos-  mava is nothing but a milk solids made by cooking and evaporating the moisture from milk slowly. Diwali is coming and many of you including me make homemade mithai /sweets rather than purchasing from stores. Many indian mithai have "Khoya or mava" as a main ingredient and i wanted to share its recipe here.

Paneer Pasanda Recipe with step by step photos- Here comes another paneer delicacy.It has smooth,creamy and mild spicy gravy which makes it unique from other paneer gravy. Paneer pasanda is a rich paneer sadwich recipe cooked and serve along with creamy tomato-onion gravy.Paneer pasanda tastes best with pulao and alu paratha.


Indian rabri recipe with step by step photos- Rabri or rabadi is a North Indian delicacy. It is served as a dessert. Rabri is a reduced milk, cooked little differently instead of creamy rubri is lumpy.  I like this dish because you can serve alone or with malpua, jalebi, gulab jamun, or waffles. There are countless combinations you can come up with.

Paneer is something which is like by most of us.Paneer is the most versatile ingredient in our subji and gravy recipes. Now a days, Malai paneer is easily available at shops but still homemade has its own freshness. I always prefer homemade versions as i have told many times. This malai paneer is very easy to make and it gives perfect result.