Tips for Tandoor cooking

Handy Tips for Tandoor cooking: –  I love tandoori recipes as it has the unique flavor of charcoal. So, what is tandoor cooking?? Well, tandoor cooking is a type of cooking method which is the oldest method to cook food. Tandoor is a clay stove/oven made in the ground.  a tandoor can be used to prepare bread but is also commonly used for preparing marinated meats or vegetables over an intense charcoal fire.

Handy Tips for Tandoor cooking: Tandoor is an essential part of every home in Amritsar, Punjab. You can get portable Tandoor easily nowadays. If you don’t have a tandoor, You can always prepare the recipe on your regular gas stove or in the conventional electric oven.

here are some tips that will help you to cook perfect tandoori snack recipe.

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  • some oil is added to the marinade to keep the tikkas or kababs succulent.The oil prevents them from getting ry while they are being cooked in the oven/tandoor.
  • Mustard oil tastes good in tandoori recipe. you are free to choose your favorite cooking oil.
  • grilling or roasting should be done on the constant moderate heat. please avoid to cook on high heat.
  • high heat toughens the proteins of paneer and will make tikkas shrink and hard.
  • cover your rack with foil & grease it well with oil.
  • while skeweing or placing pieces of paneer or veggies, the pieces should be arranged such that there is atleast some gap between them so that each piece can get its own space and heat all around to get cooked properly.
  • to keep tandoori food soft and sucuulent, baste food with some melted butter / oil Or sometimes with leftover marinade. to baste, just pour the oil/butter on the food that being barbequed when it is a little more than half done.
  • If the tikkas are cooked and still have not acquired the tandoori look, you can grill them on a high rack for a couple of minutes for that charred look.

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