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veg dum biryani , how to make vegetable biryani

Hyderabadi vegetable biryani recipe | veg biryani recipe with a detailed photo and video recipe. a rich spice flavourful rice recipe prepared with vegetables and spices. it is typically served along with hyderabadi mirchi ka salan or bhindi ka salan and raita to reduce the spice heat. Biryani is rice based( basmati/ sheila basmati rice) dish made […]

5 Must Eat Foods at Gokul Chat Hyderabad

This post is submitted by Rohit Agarwal blogger at The word ‘chat’ brings to mind the spicy and tangy flavors of gol gappas and dahi-puris, and there is nothing that can compete with this taste. Indian chats incorporate a variety of spices and aromas that can make your mouth water […]