Some of basic measurements:
Temperature Chart:
In India, we have ovens marked with Celsius whereas while reading recipes from US bloggers, I come across temperature in Fahrenheit.I hope this will help you               
 225F – 110C
250F – 130C
275F  – 140C
300F – 150C
325F – 165C
350F – 175C
375F – 190C
400F – 200C
425F – 220C
450F – 230C
475F – 245C
500F – 260C

Cup Measurements: 
There are 4 cups ranging from 1 cup to 1/4 cup. For every ingredient the weight varies for one cup. I am trying to give you the weight of most used ingredients below.

Cup Measurement (1 cup) Weight in Grams
Sugar 220
Besan 140
Flour/ Maida 130
Sooji/ Rava 170
Moong Dhal 200
Peanuts 160
Roasted Gram 120
Channa Dhal 180
Toor Dhal 200
Urad Dhal 210
Rice 210
Rice Flour 120
Quick Cooking Oats 100
Butter 200

Teaspoons and Tablespoons:

Teaspoons and tablespoons also form an important part of measuring equipment. Usually oil, salt, baking powder, honey and baking soda are measured using spoons. There is a basic formula used in calculating the grams.
1 Teaspoon ————-5 gm
2 Teaspoons———-10 gm
3 Teaspoons————–15 gm
1 Table Spoon—————-15 gm/3 teaspoon

Teaspoon is usually referred as tsp and Table spoon is referred as tbsp in my recipes.

Source: internet/google

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