basic vegetable stock recipe , how to make vegetable stock at home

“veg-stock-recipe”vegetable stock recipe with step by step photos: – the vegetable stock is the main ingredient in most of the soup recipes.before moving further, IIwanted to let you know that stock (in non-financial) is a liquid with extract flavors of vegetables,meat ,seafood, bones. The stock is basically used as a base to prepare curry, soups, risottos etc. stock add that unique flavor to the dish.It works like a magical secret ingredient.

You can get easily get stock cubes from the market. but if the process of making is easy then why not to try at home?!!!


All you need to do is,

  • chop some vegetables
  • take a large bowl and water
  • bring your veggies to boil

Basic Vegetable stock Video Recipe 



Recipe Details for making Basic vegetable stock below:

basic vegetable stock recipe with step by step photos:-

  1. Take a pan and add water into it. heat water for 2 mins.
  2. add potatoes,green peas,carrots,spinach,tomatoes.
  3. add salt, black pepper powder and mix herbs in the mixture and cover with lid.
  4. cook the mixture for 2 mins on high flame.
  5. Add cauliflower and cover with lid.
  6. cook the mixture for at least 35 mins on medium flame.
  7. prepare your strainer.
  8. strain the mixture.
  9. Store in cool and dry place.
  10. use as require.

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