7 Mouth-Watering Eateries in Kolkata For Food Lovers, Places in Kolkata you must not miss

Guest Post by Rohit who blogs at TransIndiaTravels.com

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So, we have a guest today on our blog -Rohit. He shared some interesting food places and in India in his previous post. Now, It’s time to take a look in some awesome places for foodies in Kolkata.

What Rohit writes :-

When people ask me what’s my first love, my answer to them, without even giving it a second thought is ‘Food’! When everything else in your life sucks, like a knight in shining armour comes food! One of the biggest reasons why I am a travel enthusiast is because I am a big-time foodie and new places mean new cuisine! More food to gorge on! I am Rohit. You will often see me traveling and with food stuffed in my mouth! I had recently been to ‘Amar Kolkata!’ And very true to KKR’s team anthem – “Aami Kolkata, we rule!” Kolkata does have amazing, lip smacking food! Ah, the sweets here are to die for too! Mishti doi, roshogullas, etc. are death by sugar! Let us see a few must visit places for a foodie in Kolkata!

  1. Kathi Rolls at Zaika:   
    • Location: Park StreetKathi rolls at its best are served at Zaika! Zaika, very true to its name, the Zaika at Zaika is just lip smacking and outrageously delicious! The stuffing in the Kathi rolls is absolutely delicious! Kathi rolls are kind of frankies if I might say. Zaika is obviously the best one to serve in the whole city of Kolkata!
  2. Mughlai Paratha at Anadi Cabin:
    • Location: Jawaharlal Nehru RoadYour non-veg and veg cravings for parathas will be all satisfied here at Anadi Cabin! Their Mughlai Paratha will keep you mesmerised for days together! Who said only Punjabis could make tasty Parathas? The Mughlai Paratha at Anadi Cabin is living proof that everybody can make fantastic Parathas!
  3.  Kochari At Ganguram:
    • If you come to Kolkata and not have this Bengali version of ‘poori’, you are an utter fool! Kochuri is an Indian delicacy. You will be indebted to Ganguram for giving you a heavenly experience with Kochuris! Bored of the same old pooris? You know where to go when in Kolkata! Kochuri and chutney are a killer combination!
  4.  Puchkas At Vivekananda Park:
    • Want to tease your taste buds? This is the very right place for you to come to, then! Pani puris are lovingly known as ‘Puchkas’ in Kolkata, and this place serves just amazing puchkas. Ah, the taste is still lingering on my taste buds! Usual ‘Bambaiyya’ paani pooris don’t taste as good as the ‘Puchkas’ you get in Kolkata!

  5. Chai and Samosa at Tiwari Brothers:
    • Location: Burrabazaar

      A peaceful evening in Kolkata is incomplete without chai and samosas! What other place thanTiwari Brothers’ can help you satiate your pangs for evening snacks? These samosas are truly to die for! The chai? Nothing like the chai you get here! The place is always buzzing very contrary to an idea of a ‘peaceful’ evening. But you are in Kolkata! Come on, how can you expect no buzzing?

  6. Ghoti Gorom At Princep Ghat:
    • Location: Princep Ghat, Kolkata
      Onions, lemons and chanachor garam – the combination is a killer one! A serene walk along the river with Ghoti garam in your hand munching on it, who said heaven does not exist?
  7. Fish Fry at Golpark Crossing:
    • You are in Bengal, and you won’t have fish? Are you sure? The Fish fry served at Golpark Crossing is an absolute delight to eat! The chutney served with this is like heaven on a platter!




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