Kutchi bowl bhel recipe ,how to make bhel in kutchi style at home

Priya Joshi | Sep 22, 2016 | 5 Comments so far

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 Kutchi style bhel recipe with step by step photos
Kutchi bowl recipe as it's name suggest, A bhel recipe with kutchi twist.Bhel or bhelpuri is the most common and Yummicious street food recipe. Actually , Indian street food story is incomplete without bhelpuri. I have shared bhelpuri recipe before on blog. As i have told before, bhel is the most versatile recipe .Each region of india has its own version. I am sharing one of the version, Known as "kutchi bhel" which is the version from Kutch,gujrat.

There are many variations like mumbai bhel , jhalmuri etc. There is a slight different in these recipes.
I have got some request on this particular Kutchi bhel version..
Luckily, one of my very close friend is from kutch so i immediately call her and ask her.I am all set to share this delicious version.

In this Kutchi style bhel recipe, Most ingredients are same like murmura,onions,potatoes etc. But there two ingredients - Dhokla crush and Wheat crackers (wheat puri). Please don't prepare tadka for dhokla if you are specially using for bhel.
I have used  jeera mathari here. Please refer dhokla recipe before moving further.

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Recipe Details for making Kutchi bowl bhel below:

  Recipe Kutchi style bhel-how to make Kutchi bhel

Prep Time :10 min (excluding dhokla preparation)
Cook Time : -
Total Time :10 min (excluding dhokla preparation)
Serves : 2
Cuisine : Gujarat

  1. Take a large mixing bowl and transfer puffed rice in that.Add crushed puris also.
    some ingredients is missed in photo - please check the list
  2. Add potatoes and tempered moong.
  3. Add tomatoes,onions and fried peanuts.
  4. Add crushed dhokla.
  5. Add all chutney and mix it well.
  6. Garnish with coriander.
  7. Serve.
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 Equipment Needs for this recipe

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  1. WoW it's superb, really mouthwatering..I never used dhokla in bhel puri but I loved your version..will try this version also, yumm !!

  2. I just love this kind of recipe. I just can't stop, when I start having it. :)

  3. This Kutchi style bhel look mouth-watering and sounds fantastic, Puja. Dhokla in bhel is a genius idea! :)

  4. I am so sorry for that typo Priya, I read Puja's comment on top of comment box and and wrote it. Before I could react, it was sent already. Hope you get it.

  5. Interesting.. love this bhel with dhokla... great share Priya


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