Meethi Mathri Recipe , how to make sweet mathari at home

Priya Joshi | Aug 10, 2016 | 12 Comments so far

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Mathura Meethi Mathri Recipe with Step by step pictures
Mathari is widely known as "Mathadi" in gujarat. Mathri is usually north indian cracker recipe which is serve with Chai.Well, The recipe i am sharing today is mathri version from "Vraj"-Mathura. This sweet mathri version is a deep fried crackers dipped in sugar syrup.This is a Holy prasad recipe which offer to lord Krishna( thakorji) in chappan bhog During festivals like janmashtami.

I like sweet mathri.Rakshabandhan and janmashatami is coming and i thought i should this sweet Recipe with you guys.
I was not very used with this recipe until i started blog.:)
I tried this mathri several times at home but most of the time i did mistake in "Chashni" sugar syrup making.

Cooking is an art and it requires experience for perfect judgement.
I am sharing the easiest way for perfect sugar syrup for this mathri which helps me a lot while preparing this mathari.following measure ment is sufficient to make 10 medium size mathris.
I have shared all the step wise photos .I hope it helps.

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Recipe Details for making Mithi Mathri below:

  Recipe sweet mathdi-how to make meethi mathari

Prep Time :15 min
Cook Time :20 min
Total Time :35 min
Main Ingredient :Maida/All purpose flour
Serves :10 Mathris
Cuisine :Mathura

  • Maida/ All purpose flour - 1 cup
  • Ghee/Clarified butter - 1 tbsp
  • warm Water - 1/4 cup
  • Oil - for deep frying
Ingredients for sugar syrup:
  • Sugar - 1/2 cup
  • Water - 1/4 cup
Ingredients for garnishing:
  • saffron - 5 threads
  • Cardamom powder - a pinch
  • dryfruit powder- as per need[optional] 
    Method for Mathri:
    1. Take a large mixing bowl.
    2. Transfer flour in that.
    3. Mean while just put water on gas stove to make it warm.
    4. Add Ghee in flour and mix well.
    5. You will get crumble like flour after mixing ghee properly.
    6. Now, Add water and make fine soft dough.
    7. Cover dough with lid OR muslin cloth for 10 min.
    8. Divide dough in equal portion and make THICK medium size puris.
    9. Heat Oil in nonstick Kadai.
    10. Gently add mathris in hot oil and fry them on LOW flame until golden brown on both side.
    11. Keep the mathris aside.
    Method for Sugar Syrup/Chashni: 
    1. Add water in pan and add sugar.Add 1 tsp milk.
    2. Boil sugar on medium flame.
    3. You will see that mixture started getting thicken.
    4. After boiling sugar for 5-6 mins,take a drop of sugar on your thumb.
    5. gently press your Index finger on your thumb and Open the index finger and thumb opposite to each other and you will see a string of syrup coming up. 
    6. Your sugar syrup is ready.Add saffron thread and cardamom powder in sugar syrup and keep it aside. 
    1. Take 2 mathris and soak them in sugar syrup.
    2. Drain mathris and sprinkle some dry fruit powder on that.
    3. Repeat the process with all mathris.
    4. let it cool down for a while .
    5. Serve ..
    • I am adding milk in sugar syrup because it gives whiteness in sugar once it is dry.
    • If you are unable to check Syrup using fingers,follow these steps
      • Take a bowl of normal OR cold water.
      • While you are on 4th step,Take a drop of syrup and pour the drop in water bowl.
      • If that drop remains AS IT IS (not leaving its shape) in water then your syrup is ready.If it leaves its shape then you need to boil sugar syrup little bit more.

     Equipment Needs for this recipe

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    1. Mathri is one my fav tea time snack with mango pickle but that one is salty and this sweet mathri I can eat anytime preferably after meal perfect sweetdish for me, urs looks so delicious :) parcel it some ;)

      1. Thank you jolly... You need to come here and I will give u a treat

    2. I can get the scent of saffron and cinnamon from this lovely sweet treat.

    3. Confession; I have never liked meethi mathri as a child, but now I am crazy about them (time changes everything, I guess ;)) Your mathris look super awesome. Wish I could had a couple of these for my brunch today. AWESOME.

    4. It's been long time, I had Mathri. I serched for Mathri in Banglore but I couldn't find it anywhere. Your recipe gave me an idea of making it at home. Thanks for sharing Priya!!!

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    6. super delicious and flavorful recipe dear!

    7. Thank you friends for appreciating my efforts


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