Mava Kulfi using condensed milk recipe,how to make basic mava kulfi at home

Priya Joshi | May 12, 2016 | 10 Comments so far

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Basic Mava kulfi recipe with step by step pictures 
Mava kulfi is the most basic indian ice cream recipe.Kulfis are known as "Traditional Indian ice-cream" and it is originated in the mughal empire in 16th century.I am considering kulfis as Mughlai recipe.In early times, kulfis are flavored with saffron and a days we have invented lot variations in kulfis but SIMPLE MAVA KULFI recipe has manged to remain on the top in India,Burma,Nepal,Pakistan and many Asian countries .

I have tried recipe of ice cream using sugar or powdered sugar because my mom use sugar mostly.I am quite happy because i have used Amul condensed milk here for the first time in my ice cream recipes.
When i shared matka kulfi recipe,I have been asked so many times for a tips to reduced ice Crystal. The key method to avoid ice crystal is depend on the quality of your milk and also on how much time you spend to boil your milk.If your milk has a water part then you will surely get ice crystals.

I always love this simple kulfis and so that i prefer kulfis first.When it comes to basic mava kulfi,no saffron is added.if you want to make it more flavor full then please check my mava -badam kulfi recipe here.
This classic mava kulfi requires only 3 ingredients -khoya,milk and condensed milk.I have used ready-made condensed milk here so i have no idea about the result with home made condensed milk.I will definitely update my experience further.


Happy summer guys...

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Recipe Details for making Basic Mava kulfi below:

  Khoya Kulfi Recipe-how to make kulfi with condensed milk

Prep Time :5 hours (freezing time)
Cook Time :30 min
Total Time :30 min + freezing time
Main Ingredient : Khoya
Serves :8-10 kulfis
Cuisine :Indian

  • full cream Milk - 1 ltr
  • Condensed Milk(Amul Mithai mate)^ - to taste [1/2 amul can approx ]
  • Mava/Khoya - 1/2 cup [100g approx]
    1. Take a heavy bottom pan^.Transfer your full cream milk into that.
    2. Boil your milk on medium flame till it reduce half of its takes 30 min approx to thicken milk well.
    3. Now add khoya to the milk and mix well.Boil the mixture for 3-5 min.
    4. Add condensed milk according to your taste. Mix well .
    5. keep the mixture aside so that it cools down completely.
    6. Transfer the mixture in Kulfi molds or in air tight container.
    7. Make sure to cover the lid .
    8. Refrigerate the mixture in deep frizer for 5 hours atleast.
    9. Serve chilled.
      • To un-mold kulfi from mold,take the mold out from freezer and place the mold under running water for 1 min.You will easily unmold the kulfis from the mold.
      •  Before freezing, make sure to Switch-off you Auto defrost settings.
      • I set my freezer temperature highest so kulfis took 4 hours to set perfectly.On regular temperature it will take 8-10 hours atleast.

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      1. Now if only we could get Mava/Khoya here!!! Have a good day Diane

        1. Thank you @Rhodesia... You can make it at home too. I will personally contact you once I updated blog with homemade khoya recipe

      2. great recipe Priya, perfect for the hot summer days:)

      3. that's too good...perfect for this summer...

      4. Perfectly made kulfi, Priya. Love that you used condensed milk.

      5. Luscious home made kulfi - I doubt anyone can doubt pleasuring into it.

      6. yuuuuuuuuhuuuuuuuu thank you friends... i am glad you liked it...

      7. Wow I just love the recipe. Sure I'll be trying this soon! All time favorite, looks delicious Priya.

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