Mango Lassi Recipe, how to make mango lassi

Priya Joshi | May 14, 2016 | 4 Comments so far

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Mango Lassi recipe-Classic Indian drink to beat the heat
I think i should share this very basic and most favorite mango lassi recipe quite before when started blogging.I don't know how this recipe comes here too late!!!!!You guys won't believe that this mango lassi recipe has been saved in my draft for 8 months, just forgot to take a step forward.:(
Well, Finally i am sharing this classic Lassi recipe with little improved photography:)

Mango Lassi is the favorite summer recipe to beat the heat in indian kitchen. You can make this mango lassi recipe using your favourite type of mango. My favorite types in mangoes are "Kesar mango" and Alphonso mango.I prepared my most of recipe using this.

Mango Lassi OR Aam ki Lassi is very rich ,thick and creamy recipe with goodness of fresh mango flavor.I have also used a pinch of cardamom powder to which enhance the lassi's taste.
I always use fresh mangoes but if you don't found the fresh ones then you can even used tinned mango pulp.usually canned pulp contains sugar so you can avoid it while making lassi.
I also recommended you use fresh home made curd in lassi recipes . you can check the tutorial here.
Apart from mango lassi,i used to make pomegranate lassi and  raw mango lassi ,Strawberry Lassi as well.

Recipe Details for making Mango Lassi below:

  Aam ki lassi Recipe-how to make Mango Lassi

Prep Time :5 min
Cook Time : nill
Total Time :5 min
Main Ingredient : Mango ,curd
Serves :3 glass
Cuisine : North Indian

  • 1.5 cup-Alphonso Mangoes ,roughly chopped
  • 3 cups -fresh curd / yogurt
  • a pinch of cardamom powder
  • Sugar to taste[optional]
  • 1/2 cup water [optional]
    1. Chop your mangoes into rough pieces.
    2. Transfer mango pieces in mixture jar.
    3. Add sugar,cordamom powder and curd.
    4. Churn this mixture for 2-3 min.
    5. Check lassi consistency.If it is too thick then add water and churn it again for 1 min.
    6. Add some ice cubes in serving glass.
    7. Serve Lassi chilled.
      • you may use jaggery or honey instead of sugar as well.

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      1. Love this combo, I want it now...

      2. Awesome....perfect summer refreshing filling mango lassi.

      3. Refreshing drink Perfect for this hot hot weather..


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