Recipe : White butter,Mattha from Curd |how to make Makhan from curd

Priya Joshi | Feb 5, 2016 | 8 Comments so far

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Butter and Mattha Recipe from curd- step by step pictures

This recipe is the another variation of making butter at home. I have shared detailed tutorial on Making Butter at home without curd before. However i observe that people are also interested in "making Butter From curd" recipe too. So, here i am sharing stepwise tutorial for making butter from curd.
My mom is my teacher and most of the recipe i have shared yet on blog are the recipes i learnt from my mom. Even today, I keep calling my mommie for basic tips-tricks and recipes.

What i share today is completely adopted from my mom.My mom used to make curd from malai first and then whipped it using hand churner to extract Butter. You can not eat this curd because it contains lot of buttery texture and you may wont like its taste but The butter-milk You get from this curd is tastier. I looooveeeeeee this butter milk.
The butter-milk you get from this curd is called Mattha. Lord Krishna Likes butter a lot and in Vraj They offer this Mattha (in chappan bhog usually)along with butter to god as well.If you really want to enjoy the taste of mattha then Drain it completely and refrigerate it for 20 min.
well,This recipe took long time as 7 to 8 hours required to set curd.I have already share Regular curd recipe Here on blog.
you can use this butter to make Clarified butter(Ghee). Sometimes i used this butter as a spread on roti just like we use Ghee.
All the steps of making butter are same as previous post expect making curd first. you will notice the difference in color as well as butter from cream is yellowish and butter from curd is white in color. 

Recipe Details below:

   White butter,Mattha Recipe -how to make Mattha& butter from curd

Prep Time :7-8 hours
Cook Time : 0 min
Total Time : 20 min
Main Ingredient : Milk Cream
Serves : Nil
Cuisine : Indian


  • Fresh Cream / Malai- 4 to 5 cups(you can use ready made cream or else you can use cream from milk you use everyday).
  • Curd - 2 tbsp
  • Water -1 glass

    1.  If you are collecting malai everyday from milk then defrost it from freezer. you can defrost it in microwave or just keep it out till comes to room temperature.
    2. When malai comes in room temperature, Add 2 tbsp curd and mix them well. Keep this malai in warmer place for 7-8 hours. Allow curd to be set well.
    3. After that,take a deep pan and transfer Malai-curd into deep bottom pan.

    4. Add water into Malai and turn on your hand blender. start blending it.I am using traditional buttermilk churner here.
    5. Continue blending, until you see butter milk and thick butter getting separated.The lumps of the butter will start floating in butter milk.
    6. Now homemade butter is ready. using spoon or spatula,Collect butter in air tight container.
    7. You can also strain this butter from butter milk through strainer or using your hands.
    8. Store this butter in refrigerator.  
    Mattha recipe: 
    1. After straining butter ,you will have thick,white watery solution which is called Mattha or Butter milk.
    2. You can use this buttermilk in you lunch or dinner.I used this Mattha here .
    • You can clearly judge weather the curd is set or not by checking weather it has reduce water or not like i have checked here. Kindly observe photos well.
    • You can store this butter for 10 to 15 days.
    • You can store This butter milk for 2 days.
    • I am using Hand churner here so it takes 20 min approx to separate Butter from Buttermilk.If you are using electric blender the 5 to 10 min will be enough. 

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    1. This mattha look so perfectly made. I want. Very basic and one of the most essential recipes.

    2. This looks perfect and delicious. Yum Yum :)

    3. My mom too makes till date...perfectly made and very useful post!!

    4. This is my all time favorite ingredient. Never goes without licking while cooking


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