Lunch/Dinner Recipe Ideas - Menu no 2- Punjabi tadka

Priya Joshi | Feb 3, 2016 | 1 Comment so far

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Punjabi platter

I am sooooo Happy to share my second post on Menu ideas. My first ever menu post was Gujarati platter which is the combination of authentic gujarati recipes.Today I am sharing varieties from north india.
India is the only country in world in which each region has its own unique signature dishes. Indian
Recipes are famous for their  spices.Everybody knows that Britishers came to india because they have heard about the indian spices and bring them to Britain.we have so many varieties with unique flavors in our country and i am proud to be an INDIAN.
The dishes i have adopted for this post is from north india.
It is a simple combination of Palak Panner gravy with Langarwali Daal, Rice and roti. Langarwali dal is famous recipe serve in gurudwara. I always add Curd in meal because of its health benifits. I have shared both Home-made curd recipe and Health benifits of curd on blog .
This just an idea i want to share with you that " how you can make combination of different recipe for your complete meal".
I didn't share Langarwali daal recipe on blog yet. I am also looking forward to that.
For now, I hope you will enjoy this combination i have tried.

Details below:

   Lunch/Dinner Recipe Ideas Menu 2 - Punjabi Tadka

I am sharing details of recipe and related links which is already on blog. Hope it helps.
  1. Palak Paneer: - Paneer/Cottage Cheese cooked in Spinach Gravy. 
  2. Langarwali Dal: - Famous Creamy dal recipe known as Amritsari dal or Langarwali dal serve in gurudwars.
  3. Plain Rice :- Perfect Plain Basmati Rice.
  4. Homemade Curd :- Curd is very healthy for bones and improves immune system.
  5. Roasted Papad :- Side dish
  6. Chapati /Roti :- indian flat bread.
  7. Gujrati Turmeric Pickle :- Simple Turmeric -ginger pickle 
  8. Salad

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