Authentic Indian low calorie food

Priya Joshi | Feb 18, 2016 | 7 Comments so far

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Hey guys, do you remember I have run a theme on blog few days before as - "week towards health "? That was an awesome experience for me but in the middle of that theme I suddnley got sick and got eyes infection so count work much on that. It was not my 100%performance I know but show must go on.
Well,I have another awesome article for you which I recently found.
We are getting more conscious about diet. several years ago,when machinery are not much developed people are taking food or i can say 3000 to 4000 calories per day because of the hard work they do. but now a days , the workload become less because of machines and most of the work is done by sitting on the desk or just maintaining the machines ,observe their work.So that,we need less calories.
It is said by observing current lifestyle,
 women needs 1800 and men needs 2000 calories each day.
The more you eat, faster you gain weight AND faster you gain weight .You will meet cholesterol , heart problems soon.. but waittttt waiiitttt waitttttttt i am not saying eat less,My point is Unhealthy diet is the main reason behind these all problems.You diet should be well maintained and should able to provide minerals and vitamins and proteins you want. Most people also thinks that "one must eat raw food like fruits and vegetables in form of salads to reduce calories"but it is not true. We Have some Awesome INDIAN food which are low in calorie and are perfect to have.

So,today I am sharing Some Authentic Indian low calorie recipes. I hope you guys like this article. I tried to explain it in my own words. I am also sharing a quick links of recipes which is on blog so can click on heading below.

  1. Ragi Dhosa :  When it is cook with less oil or ghee, it's calorie value will be 80 to 90 calories.
  2. Buttermilk : Now, most of you people may like lassi, but lassi is combination of more yogurt ,sugar, fresh cream,colorful sharbats etc. and this lassi has about 350 calories. but masala buttermilk ( with salt,roasted cumin) contains 30 to 40 calories. And it taste great too ;)
  3. Daal :   1 cup daal contains 200 to 250 calories.I have Gujrati moong dal recipe here  and authentic dal recipe here.
  4. Curry :  Mix vegetable curry .Gujrati curry (kadhi), Fish curry contains 120 ,70 and 250 calories. (try to cook these dishes in less oil)
  5. Raita :  1 small cup of Raita (Dahi , Cucumber ,tomato and routine masala ) contains 40 calories.You can check my Cucumber raita , corn capsicum raita recipe here
  6. Palak Paneer :  This is the historic dish. 1 cup of palak paneer contains 150 to 200 calories . you get protine from paneer and palak / spinach is also healthy as well. i have shared here.
  7. Rasam : Iconic southindian dish contains 60 calorie .I didn't share any rasam recipe yet but you can check it on one of my fellow blogger friend's space.Yummy platter's Tomato-tamarind Rasam Recipe...
  8. Fruit bowl or vegetable salad : contains 60 calorie and treasure of minerals.
  9. Roties : Simple wheat Roties are less in calories. Naan with butter contains 200 calories and whole wheat tandoori roti without butter have 110 calorie value.
  10. vegetable soups: broccoli ,spinach are good source of minerals. 150 -200 ml soup have 40 calorie value.  

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  1. That is an amazing insight. With most myths in healthy life style, its better to have some low calorie foods to satisfy our cravings without compromising on health. We are blessed with such a wonderful cuisine to follow. Good thought and you have published right on time when many surf net to get healthy recipes

  2. This is a very informative post...thanx for sharing...

  3. Hi Priya, wow! looks like there are quite a few Indian dishes that are low in calories, thanks for the list.

  4. Very beautiful and useful post dear!

  5. Everybody is looking at low calorie these days... This is a lovely share...


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