Recipe: Idada , how to make gujarati idada

Priya Joshi | Dec 7, 2014 | Be the first to comment!

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Hi every one,

Yoooiuuuuuuuiu feeling awesome today. I met new friend through this blog +Ramya Venkateswaran. She run a blog named Lemon Kurry. I enjoy her blogging.she has a wonderful recipes inside.

Coming back to my recipe,I am sharing here one traditional Gujrati Snack- Idada.

Idada is a non-fermented version of dhokla, for people with acidity and for jains. This can be made even faster than the dhoklas. Also, these dhoklas are thinner and can be had for breakfast or as a snack along with green chutney or with raw oil.
Urad dal is the main ingredient of this recipe.Urad dal increases its health quotient. If you want a quicker way out, you can use the dhokla flour that is readily available in the market, but this freshly ground rice and dal mixture makes amazing dhoklas… hence make it this way when you have leisure time.

Please Visit for this healthy recipe.

I hope you guys like this recipe......

Have fun.....



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